About SRPU

SRPU stands for the Safe Ride Programs United (SRPU). It serves to support existing as well as potential safe ride programs at universities/colleges across the nation. The annual SRPU conference is a viable resource for safe programs to come together, gain insight, and learn from one another. You can expect to meet representatives from a variety of schools as they share information and personal anecdotes about their respective safe ride programs. 


While hearing from existing safe ride programs, SRPU also encourages schools who are interested in establishing their own safe ride program to attend! The conference is a great opportunity to spark ideas and network with students who want to provide a service that not only betters their campus, but the surrounding community.

Past Conference Hosts:

2019: Colorado State University

2018: Missouri State University

2017: Oregon State University

2016: University of Arizona

2015: Texas A&M University

2014: University of Missouri 

2013: University of Georgia 

2012: James Madison University

2011: West Michigan University

2003-2010: Texas A&M University  

Next to host: 

2021: Oregon State University

Current Conference Host

2020: James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA

Future Conference Host

2021: Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR

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